I became an artist for two reasons: love of man and love of God. I have been on a quest to display the true beauty and worth of our human race. I wanted to reawaken our hope in our own identity and enliven our relationship with the world around us. My faith and relationship with God has heightened this love of man. I firmly believe that every passion must be an act of love.

I became aware of the saving power of the arts, when touring with my father performing his one man show on St. Maximilian Kolbe, a catholic priest in Auschwitz. At these shows I would see people cry and open up about their loss of faith or loss of life, finding hope in St. Maximilian’s testimony. I had seen the power of the arts.

At this moment, I am striving to bring humanity back to the arts. I am asking artists to create, not for therapeutic reasons, but instead for the love of the other. We need prophets. Paint for the great cause of hope!

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