I have always wanted to be an artist. One of my earliest memories was drawing a cat and a tree. This I enjoyed so immensely that I declared in my heart, "this is what I want to do!" This led to a bigger question of what is an artist? and what is their purpose?

        This question is very present, especially when people's response to the arts is surprise or confusion. They say, "aren't you being selfish and ignorant of the ways of this world." This Response I acknowledge as the reality of our world, that it doesn't have much vision or wonder. People forget that the arts are not about the individual, but for the enrichment of the whole. 

        Through the arts, I learned to love the world. My parents are actors and have been doing one-man shows on the lives of the saints for these last 40 years. As a child I found a deep desire and love of beauty and good things through story telling, theater, and imagery. My faith was displayed through the words of the saints, hearing St. Therese proclaim, "I want it all," dreaming of being in a "desert place" as a "hermit" with the Lord. This artistic upbringing was a huge factor of how my desires were formed.

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