Have artist John Defilippis bring to life an idea or devotion to an inspirational figure in your life.

Thank you for visiting my commission page. If my style is something you would love to have in your home, but haven’t found anything within your subject matter, I would love to talk about the possibility of doing a commission for you!

Crying Jerusalem.JPG

During the commission I will direct the conversation so that even if you don’t have a clear idea I will bring it alive beyond your expectations!

Here is the process!

  1. Determine the idea and subject matter. Put down an idea or some thoughts in terms of content and reasoning behind the idea.

  2. Get a quote determined based on the size and complexity of the commission.

  3. Get a quick sketch bringing to life the composition expression and story line.

  4. Put down an opening deposit.

  5. Receive your masterpiece and pay the remaining balance.

DSC06422 (2).JPG

Every painting starts with a sketch.

DSC05635 (2).JPG

The color palette is the next decision



My pricing is a little bit higher than expected since I bring the highest quality of skill process and technique to every painting.

In terms of sizes, here are the ranges depending on the content and complexity of the piece.

8x10 $500-$700

11x14 $800-$900

18x24 $1100-$1500

28x36 or larger $1600-…

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